lundi 27 avril 2015

You are creative ? You will love By Design collab with Snickerdoodle Designs - #The Studio

Happy Monday everyone !

Creativity. We, as scrapbookers thrive on it. Many crafts use similar tools, so whether you enjoy sewing, paper crafting, or similar crafts, By Design can help you document your creative passions, whatever they are!
Exclusively @
Digital Scrapbooking Studio has been totally lifted and is opened to European customers again !

If you want to be able to shop again there, you will have to register again : Server is new, and for some security reasons your passwords have been reset. If ever you have difficulties to register, you should write to our amzing customer service to be helped.
It's amazingly easy to work with someone when you think alike. I could finish her sentences ans she could finish mine. Working with Karen aka Snickerdoodle Designs was a huge pleasure and I discovered a delightful and thoughtful person. Working with her was really a dreaming collaboration !

17 complementary packs ! This collection is HUGE ! It perfectly reflects how amazing ans easy, it is to work with such a  professional designer.
(Images are linked)
If you opt for this mega bundle, you won't only save 62%, you will also have for FREE this exclusive accents pack :
Let's detail this !
We are pleased to offer you this exclusive coordinated cluster ! Simply click and enjoy !
With Love,

samedi 18 avril 2015

Think Spring - Pickle Barrel : $1 per pack 04/17 - 04/20 & Market Fresh FULL collection

Happy Friday everyone !! Yes ! Friday ! I love this day because it means week-end !!!

Spring is a state of mind. Have you noticed it ? When weather is warm we think different, we are more dynamic, we want to spend some time outside, having walks, it's like a revival for us too ! This inspired me my new collection :

Think Spring is a beautiful scrap kit in hues of blue, add a shade of grey, some lovely bunnies, paper flowers, hand-painted and realistic elements and you will obtain a soft but joyful collection, reawaken by subtle ray of sun. With this very versatile set, you can scrap either life project pages, or fantasy ones.
Exclusively @
6 packs, $6 plus a free gift with purchase.
17-20 April only !
Details :
If you opt for 6 packs in a click, you'll get this free gift with purchase. This offer is only during Pickle Barrel promo : From 04/17 through 04/20
You're crazy about this collection ? I prepared some add-ons packs. They're discounted 30% off but if you opt for the special Pickle Barrel  add-ons bundle pack, which is 50% off.
I'm also releasing this week My Market Fresh FULL collection !
It is available @ The Digichick & Pickleberrypop
Enjoy and have a springily scrapy week-end !

With love,